The Streetstock section is am introduction class to speedway and is a lot of fun to be involved in.  A standard road car is needed for this section of speedway. You can see on any given nights racing a collection of sedans, station-wagons or coupes being used. They are former road going vehicles with extra strengthening and a roll cage inserted for protection. Electronic Fuel Injection is permitted providing it can be proved that it was OEM equipment. The engines are a maximum of 290cu in and the carburetor must have been used in the model by the manufacturer. Streetstocks are permitted to use Avgas, Petrol or Ethanol/Petrol Blend E85.

2023/24 Competitor List

5a - Colin Stevens

8a - Shane Hughes

11a-  Corry TeRito

14a - Jayden Dowd

51a - Craig Anderson 

55a - Phil Mortensen 

68a - Rory Waters

71a Scott McIvor

92a - Liam Williams

98a - Olliver Le Tissier

99a - Adam Graham

113a - Thomas Green

512a - Logan Carl

689a - Shane Walden