Ministocks is an introductory class allowing 12-16yr old children to learn the basic skills of motor racing.  At age 16 they can decide which class they would like to step up to or move out of speedway into another form of motor racing, e.g circuit racing or rallying . Ministocks are a regional class and therefore are not permitted to have North Island, South Island or NZ & Grand Prix Championships, however they may have local titles. Ministocks must be made from one donor car. A donor car could be a Datsun 1200, Datsun 120y and a Sunny1200cc using A12 engines or a Toyota Corolla using a1200cc 3K engine. The most popular is the Datsun 1200. All suspension and steering parts must be standard. The Ministock has a minimum weight of 630kgs and a maximum weight of 730kgs. Tyres must be standard road type.

2023/24 Competitor List

2022/23 SEASON

4a - Thomas Beckett

5a - Cleo Beckett

6a - Bailey Beckett

7a - Todd Clarke

8a - Jake Holland

14a - Christie Thornley 

17a - Korbin Searle

18a - Daniel Brett

19a - Damien Dalziel

24a - Lochlan Newton

28a - Jaxon Hazleman

37a - Payton Zimmermann-Browne

48a - Michael Lawton

52a - Tyson Hunter

54a - Katelyn Liggett

69a - Noah Hooker

82a - Steven Skelton

91a - Kyle Chatfield

95a - Alice Treanor

99a - Carlos Chesnutt

113a - Tyson Matthews

131a - Breann Hignett-Morgan

137a - Peanuckle Rawiri

142a - Monique Gribble

194a - Leo Sowerby

195a - Annie Treanor

741a - Tiana Chatfield